Encourage Learning & Collaborati

Encourage Learning & Collaborati

Whether it’s back to school or back to work, everyone benefits from spaces that encourage learning and collaboration.

Our partners at HON offer the Build series. A collection of tables with an intelligent approach to configuring your space.  Projects. Hands on Activities. Cram sessions. Build a better sense of community by giving everyone a seat at the table. Group them together to form clusters, serpentine rows, collaborative configurations or all of the above. It’s the ultimate multiple choice answer for today’s ever evolving learning spaces. Learn more about the HON Build Table Series here.

Whether you need something for a training room, meeting space or the convention office, Artopex has a product that’s Genius!  It’s actually called the Genius Table and here’s what we love about it.  It is so easy to fold and store away which means more flexibility for your workspace.  Plus it can be configured to meet the needs of various work environments.  This video shows just how easy and flexible it is!

When we think of learning, we usually think school days.  All of our furniture partners work with us to create spaces in a variety of industries, including school and government.  JSI knows that learning is about more than sitting and listening.  It’s engaging in conversations and working together to take ideas further.  They offer smart, flexible products to collaborate, learn, socialize and focus.  Take a look at the educational offerings here.

We work with local schools, universities, medical facilities and businesses to design spaces that allow people to connect, learn and grow.  Find out how we can help you.  Email, call or visit our showroom.


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