Guide To Working From Home

Office Furniture Source is a locally owned and operated business.  While our main business model revolves around the redesign and functionality of the office setting we also offer many alternatives to keeping our customers functioning while working from home.  We are offering video consultations to guide you thorough how you can find you the right furniture for your home office.

Whether working from home is a new venture for you during these times, or you’ve been based out a home office for a while, one of the most important things is to make sure you have a space that is conducive to productivity. Do you need a lot of natural light? Do you prefer to sit or stand? Are you easily distracted? Once you know what kind of environment helps you do your best work, you can build a space unique to you. We are here to help you detrmine what those elements are and how to achieve them. Fill out our form for a free video consultation today.

Home Chair & Desk Packages Starting at $349

Office Chairs

If you don’t normally work from home, you might be using a dining room chair or an office chair you originally purchased for form over function. Is that chair fitted for your size or meant for sitting all day? Improper posture and support can cause numerous problems for your back and legs. Choosing the wrong seating can lead to back and neck issues that may cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to correct. Office Furniture Source offers a wide array of ergonimic seating, so you can be comfortable all day long.

Home Office Desks

When shopping for home office desks, there are many things to consider. Do you need storage for paperwork, a computer tower, or a printer? Do you need a large surface area to spread out papers? Are you able to put your desk next to an outlet, or would it be helpful for you desk to have additional power sources? What about a desk you can easily switch between sitting and standing height? We have a wide variety of desks to offer that are suited to a home office setting.

Solution 1

Looking for a quick fix?

We have affordable options that we can get to you quickly if you find yourself in a new situation, but need a comfortable work space.

Solution 2

Going to be working from home in the future?

If working from home is new, but you see it continuing in the future, we can work with the space you have to provide more flexibility.

Solution 3

Always work from home?

Maybe working from home isn’t new for you. We have options that will maximize your space and organization of your permanent home office.

Purchasing for your own employees?

Ask us about setting up a corporate standards program and volume discounts.

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