Office Design Trends 2020

We’re only two months into 2020, and we’re already seeing new office design trends emerge. From bright colors to sustainability, Office Furniture Source has analyzed four office design trends to see where modern office spaces can be expected to go.

Natural Light

Human beings are naturally drawn to daylight. While optimizing natural light isn’t necessarily a new trend (who doesn’t want an office with big windows?), there is now research claiming that natural light is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. A 2018 K2 Space research article explains just how necessary it really is. Not only does natural light help with lifting the mood, it also has a positive effect on productivity and quality of work.

Ready access to natural light is also a way to save on electricity. While this may seem obvious, allowing ample access to light reduces the need for an excessive number of lights.


Sustainability has become more and more of a necessity in modern offices. From the furniture we choose to the lightbulbs that illuminate our space, choosing ethical and sustainable resources has become a necessary (albeit trendy) office design choice.

Open Concept Conference Rooms

Open, airy spaces have been a trend for a few years now, but this has recently become a trend for conference spaces and boardrooms within the early months of 2020. Rather than close off a space meant for a large number of people, business owners are opting to open this area up.

Bright, Bold Colors

Gone are the days of dull colors! While hot pink and lime green aren’t in style just yet, many offices are incorporating patterns consisting of more bold, bright colors. Accent walls, in particular, are becoming a staple of modern offices.

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