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Ergonomic office chairs provide more than just a comfortable place to sit. The average American spends more than 1,900 hours sitting at a desk each year. That’s almost as much time as you spend sleeping! Therefore, it’s important to have both a comfortable and supportive chair.

Whether you’re working in a large office or working from home, you deserve a desk chair that will support you for long periods of time. Office Furniture Source has the most extensive selection of ergonomic office chairs in Cincinnati. When you visit our showroom, you’ll find countless ergonomic office chairs that adjust to maximize comfort and productivity for all your employees.

Choosing the Right Ergonomic Office Chair

When it comes to choosing the right ergonomic office chair, there are several factors you need to consider. No matter what your needs are, the experienced team at Office Furniture Source can help you select the perfect seat for your comfort and style.

Adjustable Seat Height

Your office chair should offer height adjustment for the most optimal seating experience. Seat height usually ranges between 16-21 inches off the floor, with some chairs offering a larger range. Your feet should be able to sit flat on the floor with your back directly against the backrest. Adjustable seats accommodate for a range of heights, with greater adjustability being added every year.

Adjustable Seat Height

Seat depth and width are also adjustable on ergonomic office chairs. The user should be able to sit comfortably in the center of the seat with several inches of space on either side. They should also be able to sit with their back against the backrest. In the best office chairs, seat tilt can also be adjusted.

Adjustable Armrests

When considering an ergonomic office chair, make sure the armrests can raise and lower so your forearms can lay comfortably on them. Your elbows should be bent at about a 90-degree angle.

Lumbar Support

Adjustable lumbar support is increasingly important. Sitting for long periods of time without supporting the curve of your spine can lead to serious issues down the road. Therefore, it’s important to get a proper fit. Ergonomic office chairs offer adjustable lumbar support so no matter how tall you are, you can always have a comfortable seating experience.


You should be able to lean back comfortably in your office chair. The height and tilt tension of backrests can be adjusted on ergonomic chairs, with locking mechanisms to keep your preferences in place.

Chair Material

Many ergonomic office chairs are made with a breathable mesh in order to remain as comfortable as possible. However, you can find chairs in other materials to suit your preferences as well.

Find Ergonomic Chairs at Office Furniture Source

Our selection of ergonomic office chairs includes chairs from only the best manufacturers, available in hundreds of colors and upholstery options. They are both functional and stylish, and many are as attractive as they are comfortable. Throughout our showroom, you’ll find ergonomic office chairs in all styles and prices.

Explore your options for ergonomic office chairs in Cincinnati in the largest showroom of office furniture – at Office Furniture Source. Contact us or visit us today to learn more!