Ergonomic Office Chairs

Office Furniture Source has the most extensive selection of task chairs and ergonomic office chairs in Cincinnati, and the region. When you visit our showroom, you’ll find countless ergonomic office chairs that adjust to maximize comfort and productivity for all your employees.

The right ergonomic chair is about more than just comfort. If you consider the amount of time you spend at the office, over the course of one year you could spend 1,900+ hours sitting in your chair. That’s almost as much time as you spend sleeping, so it is imperative that your ergonomic office chair supports your arms, legs and back correctly. The experienced team at Office Furniture Source can help you select the perfect seat for your comfort and style. Throughout our showroom, you’ll find ergonomic office chairs in all styles and prices for everybody.

Our selection of ergonomic office chairs includes chairs from only the best manufacturers, available in hundreds of colors and upholstery options. These special chairs are both functional and stylish, and many are as attractive as they are comfortable.

There are numerous features to consider when selecting ergonomic chairs, including adjustability in the height, lumbar region, arms, and seat. The wheel base of your task or ergonomic chair in Cincinnati should also be considered. Does it move freely and swivel easily? If not, arm and back fatigue from reaching for items could occur. The back of an ergonomic chair should follow the curve of your back to eliminate the possibility of back strain. Lastly, the ergonomic chair should adjust to have your feet comfortably on the floor.

Explore your options for ergonomic office chairs in Cincinnati in the largest showroom of office furniture – at Office Furniture Source. Contact us or visit us today to learn more!