User Choice

When designing your new office space, you deserve full control over every aspect of the process. From layout to design, you should have a space that makes you feel comfortable and productive. At Office Furniture Source, you choose what goes in your space. It’s that simple.

Space Compression

Too much stuff (or staff) and too little space? Not a problem! We can help you find pieces that maximize the space you have without sacrificing comfort, style, or function.

Flexible Environment

For the business that is continuously evolving, choose furniture that evolves with you. We can help you find furniture that will move, change, and grow as you do while keeping the functionality and aesthetic you deserve.

Attraction & Retention

An attractive workplace that clearly displays your professionalism is more likely to gain new employees and clients while retaining current ones. Create a space that reflects your expertise.


The average office worker sits anywhere from 1,700-1,900 hours a year! That much time in a chair that doesn’t support your back, arms, and legs properly can lead to severe and long-term physiological issues. Make sure you have the proper furniture to ensure employees have a long career! Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are two options that can keep your employees healthy and happy.


Your office space should be accessible to all who use it. Everyone should be able to move with ease around your workplace, and sometimes you need help to make the office as accessible as possible. Make sure everyone can enjoy your space, no matter their mobility status!