Mobility Strategy: Balancing In-Office and Out-of-Office Work

Office mobility refers to the ability to move between different settings both in the office and remotely. In the office, internal mobility is the method to provide user choice. Productivity goes up when employees are not confined to a single workspace. By changing locations, you can reset your frame of mind and refocus. Therefore, a new location makes it easier to overcome mental roadblocks and fatigue to get back on track.

Out of the office, external mobility is the ability to effectively work from different locations. Workers can easily take their required work materials and work remotely. The ability to successfully blend internal and external mobility is when true productivity occurs.

Technology is the key player in workplace mobility. Regardless of employee location, the tools to complete the task at hand are necessary for consistency performance, engagement, and a positive work experience.

Office Furniture Source is here to help you through the process. We recognize that every work culture is unique and has varying needs. We can help you create a mobility strategy to ensure your employees have the right tools and resources to be fully engaged and effective regardless of the place they work.

Work has changed. Has your workplace?

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