The Dos and Don’ts of Reception Furniture

The Dos and Don’ts of Reception Furniture

Your reception furniture and waiting room layout can literally make or break your business. While this may seem extreme, remember that the most important impression you make on a customer is the first one. Do you want people coming into a dark, cluttered, poorly laid out space? No! Learn the dos and don’ts of reception furniture from the experts at Office Furniture Source below. 


Reception Furniture Layout


Don’t: Block Entrances/Exits 

When planning the layout of your reception area, consider where your guests will be entering and exiting. Do they have to stop at a reception desk first? Is there a clear path from the door to the desk, and then from the desk to your seating area? Your furniture and décor should work to guide your guests to the places they need to go.

Do: Consider How Many Guests You’ll Have at Once 

Your reception area should be large enough to accommodate your guests. While this may seem obvious, the reception furniture you choose can have a direct impact on the number of people you can hold in your waiting room. Depending on your layout options, you can mix up your seating to create a visually interesting layout that gives your guests different options. 



Color Scheme 


Don’t: Ignore Your Brand Colors  

Part of making a cohesive reception space is choosing the right colors. A great place to start is your company’s brand colors. Not only will it bring a sense of continuity to your office as a whole, but it will also help you find a good place to start when it comes to colors and décor.

Do: Consider Color Theory

Take into consideration your business and how you want your guests to feel while waiting. For example, if you’re designing a waiting room at a doctor’s office, you may want the waiting patients to feel calm and reassured. Blues, greens, and pastels help create a sense of security and serenity. Conversely, if your business is more creative, you can add accents of bright colors like reds and oranges to convey a fun and bright brand personality. 



Reception Décor


Don’t: Display Broken, Old, or Irrelevant Décor 

While this tip may seem like an obvious one, your waiting room experience extends past your reception furniture and color scheme. For example, displaying an award that your business received is almost always a positive unless that award was won over a decade ago and your business hasn’t won anything since. Clients may wonder what changed in the last ten years and if your service has taken a dip in quality.

Do: Pay Attention to the Details  

Even the small details can make an impact on your customers’ memory of your business. While awards and brand-specific décor can make a positive impression, something as small as a healthy plant or dust-free shelves will make a statement about your business. 



Find Reception Furniture at Office Furniture Source 

If you’re looking for the right reception furniture for your office, come to Office Furniture Source. We have a variety of options to suit any space or brand, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Stop by our Cincinnati showroom today to take our reception furniture for a test drive.