Returning to The Office After COVID-19

The return to the workplace mirrors the reopening of the economy. It is happening in waves and is stressful for both businesses and their employees. While it is impossible to predict the future, it is possible to be prepared.

Infection control is a new priority. Workstation enclosures and space delineation is more important than ever. At Office Furniture Source, we understand how the more recent trends of open offices and collaborative spaces can be reworked to fit the current safety requirements and social distancing.

Our designers are here to help you retrofit, reconfigure, or reinvent your workplace to keep your employees safe and healthy at work. While every organization has different needs in regard to privacy and shared spaces, everyone returning to work will be returning to a workplace changed in some way. Our designers and access to a wide variety of product solutions can meet your evolving requirements.

Social Distancing in The Workplace

You may be bringing back your employees in waves based on occupancy limitations. Spatial recommendations vary and could dramatically impact the overall headcount in your space.

  • CDC recommends 6 ft distances between individuals.
  • WHO recommends 3 ft distance.
  • Some scientists suggest 10 ft would be most prudent.

It is up to you to determine your ideal headcount during a health crisis. We suggest the following considerations:

  • Decide what distance you and your users feel is most appropriate for everyone’s safety.
  • Validate headcount capacity with landlord or building owner.
  • Test fit to determine total headcount available across your floorplate, including temporary relocation of solo spaces.

Once you know how many employees you need space for now, and in the future, we can design a flexible solution to grow with you as your workplace does, while utilizing enclosures and continuing to keep safe distancing.

Product Solutions

While we can design an updated floorplan, and our recommendations will depend on your unique needs, we have the following types of enclosures and solutions to keep your environment safe.

Screens or panels between workstations

Perpendicular freestanding or attached gallery panels

Front or additional terrace tiles for existing panels

Cloud Panel

Perpendicular separation with storage

Taller glass or fabric panel stackers for existing panels

Laminated glass dividers

Wall enclosures

Rolling doors

Hand Sanitizer Station