What is a WELL Certified Designer?

What is a WELL Certified Designer?

At the core, a WELL Certified Designer is creating an environment that’s less about the space and more about the people who fill the space.  Its focus is on improving human health and well-being through certain elements such as air, water, light and overall comfort – for both the body and the mind.

Forward-thinking offices that are designed by a WELL Certified designer benefit by not only attracting and retaining employees but also maximizing productivity with a more engaged, less stressed and healthier workforce.

“According to the Future Workplace Wellness study, 70% of respondents said that a workplace focused on their health and well-being would make them more likely to accept a new job or keep the job they have.”

The spaces that we live and work in everyday impact our physical and mental health.  A WELL Certified Interior Designer uses 10 evidence-based concepts that serve as a roadmap for designing the office.  The result is inspired designs that help keep us connected while supporting our mental health, allowing us to do our best work everyday.

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At Office Furniture Source, we want to make sure that every business in our region can benefit from the WELL principles.  Our WELL Certified Designers work with businesses of all sizes to create workspaces that incorporate the features and concepts of a WELL space, so that companies, people and our community can thrive!

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