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What is Systems Furniture?

Think of systems furniture as Legos but with office furniture rather than bricks. It is a modular furniture solution that allows people to create custom, modern office layouts. Systems furniture is flexible, meaning there are an almost unlimited number of ways to set up your space.

This type of flexibility is great for companies that are experiencing rapid growth or need the ability to move things around with ease. They can be used to create a more collaborative workspace for employees, a style of workspace that has become incredibly popular recently. The emphasis on collaboration instead of individual offices has led many to embrace systems furniture.

Modular systems furniture also saves on space. When compared with bulky, individual desks, a more flexible layout allows you to fit more people into a smaller space without having to spend money moving to a more spacious office. These layouts also allow you to use panels, power and data runs, and storage for more than one workstation, reducing the total number of things that need to be purchased.

Is There A Downside to Systems Furniture?

As with every type of furniture, systems furniture has its negatives as well as its positives. Since it’s designed for maximizing space and promoting collaboration, there isn’t much privacy. If you have employees who talk on the phone a lot, like a human resource team, this style of furniture may not be the best option. It also isn’t reasonable to take it apart and rearrange it on a daily or weekly basis. While systems furniture is a great option if you’re expanding, it’s still heavy furniture.

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