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When most people think of cubicles, they probably think of stuffy offices with slews of workers slaving away day in and day out. At Office Furniture Source, we’re looking to change that. Cubicles are a great option for employees who need their own workspace, especially when paired with an option to move to a more collaborative area.

Cubicles are also an effective option for many offices because they are a great space saver. Think of cubicles as mini offices; your company can house more employees in the same building since you don’t have individual offices for each person.

Questions to ask before you purchase a cubicle system

How much space do your employees need?

Depending on your business, your employees might not need a lot of space for the work they do or the materials they use. For example, if your employees do the majority of their work on computers and don’t have physical files, there’s no need for them to have a ton of extra space. However, if they need a lot of desk space, you may want to consider a larger cubicle option or a more open office workstation.

Is collaboration required?

Cubicles provide a varying amount of privacy for the people who work in them. How much do your employees have to collaborate in their workday? If they need to communicate effectively, you may want to consider cubicles with shorter or transparent walls.

What is the style of your current office space

Do you have a neutral color palette or a colorful workspace? Do you have a large open room with endless design possibilities or a series of offices and smaller rooms? The experts at Office Furniture Source are here to help you find the office furniture solutions that will work best for your space.

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