Cubicles vs Open Offices

When designing your office space, you will probably have to think about whether you want your employees to work in cubicles or in an open office environment. Both options provide benefits to the employees as well as the structure of your space, but depending on your business and preferences, one may be a better choice than the other.

The Case for Cubicles

Higher Productivity

Giving employees their own space to work that is separate from the noise and bustle of an office environment is beneficial to productivity. With their own space, they can remain concentrated on the work at hand and become less distracted with things going on around them.

Personal Expression

Cubicles give employees a space to call their own. This gives them room for personal expression – they can hang photos of loved ones, art that inspires them, or other items that help show off their personalities.

Save Space & Money

Building out offices for multiple employees takes up valuable office space. Additionally, it can cost money that may be put towards something more productive. Cubicles allow for an office-type feel without taking up too much space or costing an arm and a leg.

The Case for Open Offices


Without walls or barriers between people, open office plans allow for increased communication among employees. This is ideal for businesses that require their employees to work together in groups on a regular basis.


Open office plans can be rearranged and changed easily, depending on the limitations of the office space. For example, businesses that have a peak season and require a large number of employees for several months before reducing back down to a core team would benefit from open office systems.

Bolstered Office Culture

Similarly to communication, a better, more vibrant office culture can often be found in open plan offices. The sense of unity when working together in the same space can be very beneficial to individual employees, teams, and businesses as a whole.

Which choice is right for you?

Whether you’re interested in cubicles or designing an open office floor plan, Office Furniture Source can help you decide which is best for your space and business. Visit our office furniture store showroom in Cincinnati to learn more and take our office furniture for a test drive.