The Biggest Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a new office layout is an exciting task. You want to make choices that combine the “look” you’re going for with the practical elements that will work for your whole team. However, sometimes important office design elements can be missed or ignored, leading to a less-than-perfect workspace. Here are some of the biggest office design mistakes to avoid.

Low Lighting

The lighting in your space is one of the most important parts of your office design. Harsh lighting can trigger headaches and dim lighting can cause eye strain, neither of which are optimal for a productive team. We recommend incorporating as much natural light as possible, as well as other light sources throughout the office to keep your space as bright as possible.

Cramped Workspace

Your team needs their own personal space. No matter how close your employees are, they don’t want to feel like they’re working on top of each other. Additionally, make sure you plan for new team members! If you haven’t planned for a larger team, your office can quickly go from spacious to cramped.

No Break Areas

No one wants to be stuck at their desk all day. Make sure you have at least one comfortable location away from your team’s workspace where they can relax or work away from their desk. Bonus points if you add convenient appliances and fun activities to provide a “brain break” for your employees.

Few Storage Options

Every office needs ample storage, even if your business works primarily in a digital medium. In addition to general storage, each employee also needs a personal storage space to put their own files and items. By providing a variety of storage options, you can reduce clutter and make your office look cleaner.

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